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The Evidence of Trade is the proof of the intention of creating a tax declaration in a foreign country which shows, aside other information, where the warehouse you are selling from is located.

In other words, Evidence of Trade is needed in order to prove you are storing goods in the country you are applying for VAT number.

The following example shows the Tax Authorities where to find a warehouse in the Czech Republic(a warehouse from where you are shipping goods). 

In this example, the most relevant information is highlighted in yellow (Vat number/ Shipping date/Ship from information/ Vat rate which is applying in this situation) and the rest is rather common invoice information.

Sample Invoice can be downloaded here: https://www.hellotax.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/VAT-Documents-CZ-Evidence-of-Trade-Sample-1.docx

How do you get all this information?

There are two ways:

  1. You can create the invoice in your own invoicing program
  2. You can get the information directly from your Seller Central account. 

Reports ➜ Fulfillment by Amazon ➜ Amazon fulfilled shipments (sales) ➜ request a report, first enter the exact date /date range from when you want to receive the orders ➜ request download ➜ done

Watch this video to create an Evidence of Trade from Seller-central

NOTE: Choose a date as close as possible to the validity date from the country you selected.

If you open the file you can find all information you are looking for, like the fulfillment center ID (=warehouse codes), billing details, tracking number, carrier, prices, … to sum it up, all relevant information of this shipment.

For more details you can enter the amazon-order-id in your Seller Central account. This piece of information is also in the downloaded file. Now you can just enter the information in your invoice. To make the search for the respective warehouse easier we have given you the local warehouses which can currently be found in the Czech Republic:

“PRG1” Amazon Logistic Prague s.r.o. U Trati 216
25261 Dobroviz – Czech Republic

„PRG2“ K Amazonu 256
25261 Dobroviz – Czech Republic