For the Q3 2019 you will have to send the VAT amount you owe to the Spanish government to our account and we will handle the payment. Due to the migration to in-house accounting services, the VAT filings will be done after the 16th of October, which is the last day for "direct payments"(foreign transfers). After this date, the Spanish tax office requires a special reference number called NRC. In order to be granted this reference number, the payment must be made from a Spanish bank account and by the legal tax representative.

Keep in mind that this is not permanent. Only for the Q3 2019 we will handle the Spanish VAT payments this way.

Below you can check the payment details again:

Beneficiary name: Hellotax Global SL
Bank name: Banco Santander
Bank address: Calle Virgen Del Pilar NÂș 43 Mutxamel 03110

IBAN: ES40 0049 3539 71 2114026282