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This article shows you how to activate your VATjar account in 4 steps. Please make sure to follow these steps attentively. During the setup you can leave your account at anytime, settings will be saved. After setting up your account, this will be automatically fully activated.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Login:
Use the “Login by Amazon" button to log in. It’s the easiest way as Amazon doesn’t pass any login information and you don’t have to remember additional account information. For more information about Login by Amazon here.

To login, please use your main Amazon email address. Click here to check which email address is your main one. If you use the wrong address, our software won’t be able to connect with your account.

Step 3: Company Details
Enter your company details. If you are sending FBM shipments(Fulfillment by Merchant), you can select the warehouse country. In case you are not, you can leave this field blanked (in case we still detect some FBM shipment we use your home country). Make sure to enter your phone number with the country prefix, e.g. 004070000000.

As you can see in 1 you enter Business details, in you will setup your Amazon seller account connection with our software and 3 is just a confirmation that you did previous steps. Do not forget to save every detail you fill in as you can see in 4. You can always go back and forth between 1, 2, 3 if you forget to fill in something or you want to change some informations.

Step 4: Integrations
Now you connect an Amazon Account with the software. Here you can click on settings and you will have to fill in you Seller ID and MWS Auth Token described below.

You will now find the Amazon Integration Settings in your VATjar account. Click on “Integration settings” in VATjar to configure your account. Next go to your Amazon Account in "Seller central ➜ Settings ➜ User Permissions”, authorize our developer account and enter your Seller ID and MWS Authentication Token. A detailed description can be found here: How to connect the Amazon MWS API

The status bar of an integration will display in green if it's active.

NOTE: Our system automatically imports all products and transactions from JAN 2017 onwards. Please contact our support team if you want to import data prior to 2017.

Here you can see the status bar is green, that means the settings are correct and you have successfully linked your Amazon seller account with our software:


After you connected your Amazon seller account with our software, our software will calculate automatically your warehouse location, in what country you exceeded the distance sales threshold limit, your VAT IDs. Your account is fully enabled after these steps. You will always have the option to customize the account to your needs on the settings menu.