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This article shows you how to activate your VATjar account in 5 steps. Please make sure to follow these steps attentively.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Login or Register:
Use the “Login by Amazon" button to log in. It’s the easiest way as Amazon doesn’t pass any login information and you don’t have to remember additional account information. For more information about Login by Amazon here. The other option is to choose the register a new account with email and password.

To login, please use your main Amazon email address. Click here to check which email address is your main one. If you use the wrong address, our software won’t be able to connect with your account.

In case you register with email and password please fill out all the fields below:

Step 3: Company Details
Enter your company details.

Step 4: Confirm your email address

Step 5: Integrations
Now you either connect your Amazon Account with the software or you upload data through the Manual Order Upload.

If you choose to connect your Amazon account, go to your Amazon Account in "Seller central ➜ Settings ➜ User Permissions”, authorize our developer account and enter your Seller ID and MWS Authentication Token. A detailed description can be found here: How to connect the Amazon MWS API

NOTE: Our system automatically imports all products and transactions from JAN 2017 onwards. Please contact our support team if you want to import data prior to 2017.

If you choose to upload data through the Manual Upload, follow the steps below. You can read more on what data you can upload and how exactly to upload it in these articles.


After you connected your Amazon seller account with our software, our software will calculate automatically your warehouse location, in what country you exceeded the distance sales threshold limit, your VAT IDs. Your account is fully enabled after these steps. You will always have the option to customize the account to your needs on the settings menu.

In case you used the Manual Upload option, based on the data you uploaded our software will do the same calculations as it would have if you were to connect your Amazon account.

NOTE: Wait up to 24 hours to see data. This is the maximum time it takes for our software to synchronize data with Amazon.

Step 6: VAT ID and validity date.

A VAT ID number is your official identification number in this country. Please make sure that you add it with the country prefix and without spaces, commas, etc. (DEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).

The validity date is the official date from which a VAT ID is valid. It reflects the date from which you want our software to start calculating VAT for that country, the date you skipped a delivery threshold, or the date you plan to store goods in that country, or the date you started storing goods in that country.

  1. Enter your home country
  2. Enter all your VAT IDs and validity dates for each country where you have a VAT ID. 
  3. Enter all validity dates in the countries where you want to apply for a VAT ID. (Example: You plan to store in Poland as of 01.01.2018, then enter 01.01.2018 as the validity date) Once you have received a VAT ID, the support team will add it for you. Please do not use "dummy" numbers or placeholders.
  4. Leave empty the country where you do not want to register for a VAT ID. You can always add more countries.

NOTE: A common mistake is to add a local tax number instead of a VAT ID. A VAT ID starts with the country prefix and is followed by up to 12 digits (DEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX), here you can read how a VAT ID looks like in each country.

Step 7: Products

After step 5 your products will be imported automatically. You can see them on the menu "Products".


Please add the purchase price of the products (how to calculate the cost price) and the VAT rate. The default VAT rate is set by default. Other values (weight, product code, country of origin) only need to be set if you need to apply for Intrastat reports. (only for wholesalers).

NOTE: Use the Bulk Upload function (icon in the top right corner) to update several products at the same time via a CSV file.

NOTE: Whenever the software detects a new product, it is automatically added to the list of products.

After following the instructions, contact your account manager to review your settings and activate your account. Your account will be fully functional within 24 hours of activation.