Bulk upload of products makes it easy to update all available product details for multiple products at once. You can also update products one by one by clicking on a product.

NOTE: This function updates only product details, e.g. price. It does not import new products.

Download product table:

  1. Go to app.hellotax.com
  2. Click on Menu ➜ Products
  3. Click “Action ➜ Export Products” (top right side) to export all currently available products as CSV (comma separated values) file. 

Note: If you have an active amazon integration, your products get synced automatically every day.

Open CSV file in Excel:

Depending on your version of Excel, there are multiple options to open a CSV file in excel: Google - open CSV file in excel

Make sure to not change the structure of the CSV table to avoid an error when uploading.

Edit the CSV

Values and value format that are editable in the CSV file:


asin: Unique Amazon code, given by Amazon

sku: Product ID

backdate: Yes/No - if you want to apply a product value to the past (example: if your products cost price simply has changed from today onwards, but it was set correctly in the past, add NO)

vat_type: Sets the default VAT type for all countries: "standard", "reduced" (refers to the regular reduced rate of a country), "reduced_alt", "super_reduced", "parking"

val: Products cost price. If the value is not an integer(is a positive or negative number ex: 4 or -20), the decimal separator must be a “.” (dot) character. (X or X.XX)

currency: The currency of the set value.

weight: product's weight. If the weight is not an integer, the decimal separator must be a “.” (dot) character. (X or X.XX)

comm_code: Official products commodity code

origin_country: Products origin, country of manufacturing.

vat_type_XX (COUNTRY): can overwrite a products "vat_type" in a specific country. (Example: If a product has a reduced rate in all countries except the UK, you can set the "vat_type" to "reduced" and add one column for "vat_type_uk" with "standard")

Only the ASIN is a mandatory field (primary key to identify a product), all other values can be left blank if they should not be filled.

Note: Make sure to save your file as a CSV after editing. Changing the file type can lead to errors while uploading.

Upload to software:

  1. Click Products ➜ Action ➜ Import
  2. Select the file you want to upload
  3. After uploading, the system shows you any changes you made

In case you received an error message, make sure to check again if you added all values in the correct file format and you did not change the structure of the CSV file.