One of the first steps you need to make in order to make your VATjar account working properly is to link your Amazon seller account with your hellotax account. We will guide you through this with the next short steps.

To connect your amazon account with your software to automatically import data, you need to authorize us as a developer to access you account’s data.
Visit: or or directly go to "settings" ➜ "user permissions" ➜ "Third party developers and Apps" in your account.

Note: It's required to have a professional (paid) Amazon Account to access your API settings. This page is not visible if your use a basic account.

Step 1: Visit your Integration page at 

Step 2: Go to "settings" ➜ "user permissions" in your Amazon seller account and click "Visit Manange your Apps" under Third party developers and apps and then click the "Authorize a developer" button.

Step 3: In the Developer name text box, enter the name of the application developer that you are authorizing, in this case fbahero;

In the Developer ID text box, enter the Developer ID provided by your application developer:

Note: You will find these informations in your VATjar account under integration settings

Step 4:  Accept the settings and continue

Step 5:  You can view your Seller ID and MWS Authentication Token on this page. Copy your MWS auth. Token and your Seller ID to your Integrations page in VATjar.

Step 6: Copy the Information into your Integration page. After you have copied your Seller ID and Token to the Integration page, you can save your settings. If the status bar is green, your MWS connection is active.

Further details about the MWS connection and how to manage and remove your permissions, visit the Amazon - MWS API FAQs

NOTE: In case you have to redo your MWS connection, just repeat step 6 and save the settings!

In order to check that your connection is successful, just go back ti Integrations → Amazon settings and make sure the following fields were saved:

Note: We currently do not support multi-account.