If you like videos better instead of reading, you can watch the video about how to use the VAT reports on our Youtube channel.

Our software provides 2 main types of reports VAT and EC. There is a 3rd report which is the SAF-T, this is a Poland specific report. 


In order for our software to generate reports you need to have your validity date set and also your VAT ID(see above). These reports are used for establishing the VAT amount you have to pay to Tax Authorities. You will find the reports on the left side in your account. Here you can also filter the reports on country, type and month.

If you want to download your Reports go on the menu on the left side and click on Files and reports. Here you can choose the country you need the report from, the month or months and also the type of report. After you found the reports on the right side click on the arrow to download it.

Note: validity date is the date from when you start selling or storing in a country

VAT reports are reports which includes all sales for a specific country. These type or report includes also all the B2B sales. 

EC reports are B2B only reports and include movements of goods. 

Opening a report you will see 2 tabs, "Summary" and "Details".

Summary tab:

Here you will have an overview for all your transactions. Here you can also see the refunds done in April. These refunds are related to sales made in March.

Details tab:

Here you can see the date of transaction, what type of transaction was, if it was a B2C sale, what channel was used for selling, quantity, net value, event id(this you can find it also in the orders menu) vat value, gross value, currency, exchange rate, departure country and arrival country of the goods.

Type of transactions(VAT_TYPE column):

DOMV - domestic sales

DOMREV - domestic reverse charge, B2B transaction within the same country, e.g. Germany to Germany

DSF - distance sale from the reported country (not taxed in the reported country)

DST - distance sale to the reported country (taxed in reported country)

ECA - B2B acquisitions (liable for VAT but can be deducted)

ECS - B2B sales (not taxable if all conditions are met)

IMP - imports

AMZ_TYPE column shows if it was a sale, return, refund or FC Trans. Here the difference between return and refund is that refund shows a transaction related to money and return is a physical movement of goods. FC trans is movement of goods between warehouses (this is either a ECA or ECS transaction).