Amazon sometimes synchronizes incomplete data and the products from FR marketplace fail to load in vatjar. For technical reasons, Amazon won't send us the proper identifications for one, several or all products in some cases. In order to remedy this, we have come with the following workaround. Please follow the steps and the actions numbered in the pictures below.

Step 1: Choose the FR-marketplace

Step 2:

- Click on "Inventory"

- In Inventory Menu go to "Inventory Reports"

- Choose "All Listings Report"

- Click on "Customize the columns for this report"

Step 3:

- Make sure you selected "All Listings Reports" 

8 - The 2 important columns we need to identify a product are:

'seller-sku' and 'asin1'. These are not removable by default.

9 - You only need to save the report from above(8 in the picture)

btw: 'Status' should be in the 'Selected Attributes' .

Step 4:

Next, you should see the "Save" button and click it.

Step 5:

Even if there were no changes in the Report from 8 you will see the "(Custom)" notification

After following these steps the Products should appear.