You will need to set up your Product cost prices before your VATjar account can be enabled, this information is mandatory for creating EC reports. You need to do this step because this information will be used in creating the reports needed to calculate your VAT returns.

The Product cost price is what you pay for an item to have it delivered to an Amazon warehouse(supplier purchase price + shipping to the Amazon warehouse). 

NOTE: the product cost price does not include import VAT or duties!

In order to do this just log into VATjar and follow the next steps:

1. Go to Products

2. Identify all the Products with missing value by filtering them.

3. Click on that specific Product (in the screenshot are the details blurred because of security reasons)

4.Enter the cost price into the "Value" field

5. Save 

Repeat the steps above for all the products with missing values. If you have many products and you want to save time, you can upload many products at once using the bulk import feature. Read more about how to use it here.

After you set the product cost prices for all your products, please inform your Account Manager by sending an email to .

Read more about the product cost price here.