Order menu is the place where you can see all your Amazon transactions. It is synchronised daily and it's directly connected to the "Files and Reports" and "Products". The reports generated are based on these transactions. If you click on an order/transaction a pop-up with more details will open. 

Also if you ever see any error here, check the corresponding product by ASIN number to see if it has the product cost price set up.

If you want to sort orders by date or price keep in mind that the system will sort it taking in consideration the type of report first.  To make it easier for the eye choose first the type of transaction you want to see.

1. Put your transaction ID (should be in this format xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx)

2. Choose the type of the reports(Sale, Refund, Return, FC Transfer, Inbound)

3. Select the date

4. Choose the channel, e.g. Amazon

5. Choose the VAT country(taxation place)

6. Choose the "from country"

7. Choose the "to country"

8. enable "missing value" to see all transaction that contain products with missing value

9. enable "error" to see all invalid transactions

NOTE: Orders are not downloadable.

You can also fill in the Buyer VAT ID in the orders menu by clicking on a transaction ID and in the pop-up window search for the field Buyed VAT ID, enter the VAT number correctly(e.g. DE123545464) and save the change.

NOTE: You can use an order to create an evidence of trade