This is the integration to upload additional files to your VAT returns. 

 Key Takeaways 

  • Go to integrations in your account
  • Download the template and replace the dummy data!
  • Enter one line per SKU in the template!
  • Make sure to fill out all the mandatory fields!
  • Check your data after uploading it!

Step 1

Go to Settings > Integration and click the Integration settings button and it will take you to the “Manual Order Upload” screen.

Step 2

Download the xlsx template. In order to download it just click on Step 1 title “Download sample .xlsx file”. 

Step 3

Fill the template with information. You will have 4 types of data on how you can fill in the template, Raw data, Sales & Refunds, Movement of Goods and Expenses. Please check these articles on how to fill in the template for each one of those: Raw dataSales & RefundsMovement of Goods and Expenses.

NOTE: Do not change the template header


Step 4

After you have filled the template make sure to save it as .xlsx and press the upload button. If you get any errors, correct them and upload the file again. The error will always point you directly to the field that needs to be filled or was filled incorrectly. 


If you want to check your history of uploaded documents, on the top right side of the “Manual Order Upload” screen you have the Upload history button:



Read here more about your Upload history and how you can delete the uploaded data.