When applying for VAT nr in CZ you need to submit an evidence of trade, this must be in form of an invoice. This invoice must reflect a domestic taxable sale (inside CZ). The invoice must be legally compliant, you can read more about this here and it must show your very first domestic taxable sale. A domestic taxable sale is a sale from CZ to any country that applies the CZ VAT rate. Do not confuse it with a domestic sale, which is a sale inside the borders of a country.

NOTE: domestic taxable sale ≠  domestic sale, domestic taxable sale means that it applies the VAT rate and pays VAT in that specific country

Invoice not showing the first domestic taxable sale will not be taken in consideration by the CZ tax office. The date of this invoice will be used by the tax office as the VAT number registration date.

If you do not have any sales yet, we will inform you per e-mail when our software will detect the first taxable domestic sale. You can then use our softwareto get data to create your evidence of trade in form of an invoice, read more about that here.

Go to your hellotax account, under orders menu follow the steps below:

  1. choose "Country from" - CZ
  2. choose "Country to" - *, star means any country
  3. choose "Country VAT" - CZ, is the country from which the VAT rate is applied and where VAT is paid
  4. sort the "Date" ascending
  5. click on the first sale

After you clicked on the sale above, the below window will pop up. Here you can find all the information you need to create a compliant invoice.

The information gathered from the above order were used to make the invoice containing all the necessary details required by the CZ tax office:

  • Invoice Date
  • Ship from is inside Czech Republic
  • Ship to is inside Czech Republic (this can be anywhere as long the taxation place is CZ)
  • Details about the goods being sold showing the Net and Gross Value 
  • VAT rate is clearly stated, CZ VAT rate is visible

As a summary, keep in mind:

  • an invoice must be submitted as evidence of trade
  • the invoice must reflect the first domestic taxable CZ sale, this means it must have the CZ VAT rate and VAT to be paid to the CZ authorities
  • you can find every information you need in our software, in the order menu