The tax letter inbox is the place where you will find letters sent by the tax offices. These letters usually informs you about your VAT ID, credit notes, vat returns and missing vat returns, penalties or are reminders and requests to submit your vat returns. When you log in the hellotax app on the left side you will find the tax letter inbox:

Here you will find all the letters received from the tax offices, with the header as the subject, date received by us, the country tax authority that sent the letter and the status of the letter.

You can always search a letter or filter letters by country and status:

If you click on a letter, on the right side a pop-up will open with letters details translated content and instructions on what action you need to take. Here you have also the option to download the letter, due date for penalty payments, vat return filing or vat return payments. If you need payment details in case of a penalty payment or vat return payment you will find this information here as well.

In case you need further assistance or you want us to take over the communication with the tax office you have to contact your Account Manager. Keep in mind that some additional fees may apply in this case.