Sales & Refunds are transactions related to your business, where you sell to a business or person outside Amazon and you want to include these in your VAT returns. In the Manual Order Upload you can copy your data from these sale or refund invoices and fill it in the template. 

 Key Takeaways 

  • You must download the template and replace dummy data!
  • Enter one line per SKU in the template!
  • Make sure to fill out all the mandatory fields!
  • Check your data after uploading it!

  1. Template
  2. Mandatory fields
  3. Check uploaded data


We have prefilled a Sales template and a Refund template with all the mandatory fields for you, they can be downloaded here: Sale & Refund template. Replace the example data with your data and check the comments for help. 

NOTE: if you have more than 1 product on the invoice please fill in one product per line for accurate reports and correct VAT returns.

Mandatory fields

Following fields are mandatory:

  • Type (sale/refund)

  • Channel ID must be filled in, in the short form, e.g. AMZ; you can find the entire list of channel ID's here.

  • Invoice number

  • VAT country

  • VAT reporting date

  • Arrival country

  • Departure country

  • Buyer billing name must be filled in. 

  • Other related field: hellotax product ID or SKU, fill in one or the other

  • Item VAT rate

  • The only difference between Refund and Sales is the following: Item gross unit price must be a negative number (-) in case of a Refund and Item gross unit price must be a positive number (+) in case of a Sale

  • Report currency

    Invoice number

    Payment date

    Arrival country

    Departure country

    Report currency

    hellotax Product IDSKUItem VAT rateVAT countryChannel IDBuyer billing name
    Format and value that should be filled in
    sale, refund,1231-1235, can be a number series with "-" in-between, that appears on the actual invoice
    e.g. 2019-05-25
    the country where the goods are shipped to,
    ISO code e.g DE, FR
    the country from where the goods are shipped, ISO code e.g DE, FR
    currency you use to report your transactions, ISO 3 letters code e.g. EUR, USD
    Product ID that you can find in the hellotax "Products menu"stock keeping unit, a machine readable code that you assign to your productsItem vat rate is a number between 1-100, it is the vat rate of the country where it is taxedthe country where the goods are taxed3 letter form, e.g. AMZthe name of buyer as it appear on the actual invoice

In case you do not fill out those fields, you won't be able to upload the file and you will receive an error.

NOTE: If there is an invoice with missing VAT rate and/or VAT country, it won't be possible to upload it.

NOTE: Mandatory fields are the minimum required fields our software needs to be able to work out your vat liabilities. All the other information can be calculated by itself.

In case you do not have all the mandatory data you can upload data as RAW data, this means that our software will calculate automatically the missing fields, read more here.

Important information if you fill in optional fields: 

Original currency - optional to fill in

  • If the original currency is provided by you, the report currency must be a different one.

Check your data

After you successfully upload data, you can find it in the order menu by filtering on Manual Input. 


Want to upload RAW data, read how here.

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