When you successfully upload data through the Manual Order Upload, this will be added to the Orders menu afterward. This means that the uploaded data will automatically be added to the reports.

In order to check your data, just go to the Orders menu after your file is successfully uploaded. Keep in mind to check if the file upload is still in progress, as some file depending on their size can take longer to upload:

If the file was successfully uploaded this can be found in the Orders menu, as said above, by filtering on Manual Input:

Delete the file you uploaded:

Go to Manual Upload menu, on the top right corner click on the History tab and click the garbage can symbol to delete the file.

NOTE: If you delete a file, it can not be restored.

Error checking

If you get any errors during a file upload like below, it means you did not fill in all the mandatory fields for the data type you are uploading or you did not respect the format of the fiel:

Check the message as it will tell you what needs to be done to correct it:

NOTE: Mandatory fields are the minimum required fields our software needs to be able to work out your vat liabilities. All the other information can be calculated by itself.