The VAT calculations menu offers an overview and access to important but sensible settings in regards to your VAT numbers, calculation date, and opt-out date. 

In order to access this menu and the settings follow the steps below:

NOTE: Please take additional care if you want to change any settings. We advise you to contact your Account Manager prior to any settings modifications.

Go to settings and click on VAT calculations:

Here, in the VAT calculations menu you have the overview on your actual VAT numbers:

1. Country 

This is the country where you already have a VAT number, or, you are in the process of registering one. Countries will also show up if the software detected storage, or, if it detected the exceeding of the distance selling threshold for that country. These calculations are made by the software automatically based on your Amazon data. The software will inform you via email if you either stored or exceeded the threshold limit in a country where you do not have a VAT number yet. The e-mail will be sent to the address you stored in your software account.

2. Calculation date 

This field detects the first day of goods stored, and/or the first day you exceed the threshold limit. Whatever triggers the need to get VAT registered in that given country, it is automatically filled out by the software. The calculation date is actually the day when you first stored goods in a country or when you exceeded the threshold limit.
This date is the date from when all the reports will be made and VAT returns filed

3. Add country 

Here you can add a new country. In order to add a new country, you must fill out the below details.

4.  Details & Delete VAT number

By clicking on a row you access to more advanced settings. 

Here you can enter your calculation date set, this is the start date of your tax liabilities.

1. Opt-out settings

These settings are sensible and will affect your VAT returns, please be very careful if you change something here, we strongly advise you to do it together 

with your Account Manager.

2. Country to opt-out

Here you can choose where to pay VAT. Please read this article about the opt-out and this one about when it makes sense to opt-out of a country.