Starting with July 2019 we will change how you are charged for your subscription with us. You will be charged the 1st of the month for the services of the same month. In the past we charged you at the end of the month for the services of the same month. July will be the first month you will be charged in this manner, and this is the reason why you will notice only a short gap between charges. Do not worry, as this is not a double charge.

NOTE: You won't be able to download historical invoices, these were send to you per e-mail. You can download invoices starting with 1st of July.

You are now able to change and maintain your billing details directly in our software. You can find this sub-menu under My Account ( ):

NOTE: Do not forget to fill out your VAT number, otherwise the invoices will be issued with VAT!

Here you can also change your payment method, or to check which payment method your are using. You can as well set a primary payment method if you have more than one saved. You can always switch between payment methods by selecting the desired one from the drop-down list. On the right you can make the selected payment method the primary one. Also you can set up direct debit if you wish. Lastly you can delete a payment method.

In this menu you can also check for which countries we are doing your VAT return filings:

You have the possibility to download any invoice or credit note you wish anytime from this menu, on the right side is a download button: