When registering for a VAT number in Spain you will be issued 2 identification numbers. We will explain them below.

NIE is the abbreviation for Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero , it is a personal identification number including the allocated tax code.

The format of NIE consists of an ‘X’ followed by 7 or 8 digits then another letter, e.g. X-NNNNNNN-A, - are numbers and the final character is an alphabetic suffix.

NIF is the abbreviation for Número de Identificación Fiscal , this number is purely the tax code allowing you to have a fiscal presence in Spain. An NIF is an eight character value in the following format NNNNNNN-A, where the first seven characters are numbers and the final character is an alphabetic suffix.

If you’re a nonresident who has to pay taxes in Spain, you may get a NIF issued to you without having an NIE, but as well you might get both and usually they have the same numbers as you can see from the format.  You can use the NIF for the following:

  • buy a car
  • open a bank account
  • buy a house
  • pay taxes

NOTE: The NIE is used for personal identification purposes and NIF is used to carry out any fiscal functions such as opening a bank account, buy a property, pay taxes. 

Make sure to upload NIF to our software including the country abbreviation "ES" at beginning of the number. Always, for VAT purposes use the NIF number adding the "ES" in the front of it.