Some of the services related to VAT ID registration and VAT returns are not included in your monthly - or annual subscription fee. Services like translations needed for registration or official communication with the tax offices are not included in the subscription fee. We do offer you a tool where all the tax letters are translated and actions are recommended, but we won't contact and deal with the tax offices for bespoke queries, like for example: calling tax offices in order to refund you in case of overpayment.

For these kind of services, you can use our specialist in-house tax advisors. These services can be of 2 types:

  • fixed prices services, these are services where we know already how much time is needed beforehand
  • variable price services, these are services where it is hard to estimate the time and you will pay at the end when the task is done

The fee of these services is 250 EUR per hour. 

You can check below a table with all of our services and prices. INCLUDED(✔) means those services are included in your subscription price.

List of All Hellotax Services

Automated VAT Filings
E-Mail notifications for VAT Returns
One Inbox for all Returns
VAT Returns (monthly/quarterly)
Standard Audit File Poland (SAF-T)
Making Tax Digital (UK 2019) ready
Yearly VAT Reporting (if required)
EC Reporting
Spanish Bank Account for VAT payments
Reclaim VAT on import
Archiving all official documents
Backdated Returns119€ / Month
VAT Certificate application
TAX Certificate application
Digital Registration
Manual Quality control
NIF application Spain
NIE application Spain
Notarized translations30€ per page*
Highly skilled tax lawyers and tax accountants on site
Communication with tax authorities in local language
Quality and compliance control
Penalty prevention (IT, CZ)
Tax consultation250€/h
Contacting tax authorityindividual
Audit Supportindividual
Tax Optimization (Threshold Opt-Out)individual
German F22 VAT certificate137€
Intrastat Reportingindividual
Unlimited transactions
Unlimited turnover
All transactions types (sales, refunds, movements, expenses)
Import unlimited past transactions
VAT calculation engine
VIES B2B Buyer VAT ID check
Multi-user accountsComing soon
Threshold Limit Monitor
Storage detection
Goods movements reporting
Automatic email notifications
Compatible with Amazon Invoicing Service
Sales Dashboard
Data .xls export
Amazon one-click Integration
Manual upload
APIComing soon
B2C & B2B
EU compliance quality control
One central Tax Letter Inbox
Local address to receive correspondence
Digital Datenbox (ES, UK)
OCR scanned (searchable) documents
Summarized translation of Tax Letter
Dedicated account manager for your account
Phone support: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Google Meet for screensharing
*1125 characters (with spacing)


Please also check our terms and conditions here.

Please contact your account manager at if you need an additional service.