What does it mean for you?

After listening to our clients' great suggestions on how they would like us to continue our ever-improving service.  We are now very excited to announce our move to a full in-house accountancy solution.

As you may be aware, until this point we have been working with an external accountancy practice.  By bringing in our own, in-house, accountants to manage our client’s needs we can extend better control over the entire vat return filing process.  This will enable us to increase the accuracy and efficiency of our service to you, while giving added flexibility to react to your businesses changing requirements.

We ask for your assistance in bringing forth this new era and improved service by following the steps below, as always your account managers are on hand to give that personal service if you need further information.

Do you need to provide us any documents?


No, we will send documents per mail to each of our customers and aside from these documents we do not require any other documents.


What is the transition process?


For most of the registered countries, we, together with you, must revoke the authorization of our external accounting partners which filed the VAT returns. To make sure the transition process will be as smooth as possible and it won't have any impact on the VAT return filing obligations, you must do the following steps: 

  • review the documents we sent you 
  • print the documents out 
  • sign the documents 
  • send the original, signed documents via post to the given address (the address will be communicated to you via e-mail)


! SPAIN ! - for Spain there are additional tasks to be done by you; read below:



You must make an appointment with a notary, as the Spanish tax authorities require the Letter of Authority to be signed by you, notarized and legalized by the notary. This means that the documents need the Hague Apostille. Please make sure that your documents for the Spanish tax authorities have the Hague Apostille. Afterwards, you must send us the documents via post at the given address (the address will be communicated to you via e-mail) like the other ones.


How long will the transition process take?

As we would like to provide a smooth migration to our in-house accountants, we cannot give you an exact end date. The average time frame that is to be expected is up to 2 months until we can really provide the services by our in-house accountants. Once the migration is finalized you will be notified.