When you receive your C79 certificate from the UK tax office you can use it to reclaim paid VAT. You must use the data from the C79 certificate and upload it in our software through the Manual Upload.

Download the expense template.

Fill out the mandatory fields in the template(highlighted in green). Read more about mandatory fields here.

In order to find out the net amount just divide the VAT amount from the C79 by the VAT rate(usually the standard VAT rate). For example, we have the VAT amount below: 

we divide 3867 by 0.20 (the standard GB VAT rate - 20%) and we get the net amount of 19335. And now to get the gross amount we add the VAT amount to the net amount and we get 2302(3867+19335).

You can also use the following formula in the gross amount cell :

For the SKU field, use one of the SKU or other identification codes of the good/s you are importing.

Save the file and upload it.