You can change your product's VAT rate in the below menu:

By default, the standard VAT rate will be applied. Depending on where you are selling your product from this can be 19%(German standard VAT rate) or 20%(UK VAT standard rate). By standard VAT rate is meant the default VAT rate that is applicable generally to products and services in a country. Exceptions from this VAT rate usually have a reduced VAT rate, e.g. some food products in Germany have a 7% VAT rate.

If you want to change it you can always go to the Products menu click on the product and change the VAT rate accordingly. Below you can find a short explanation of the logic of our VAT rates in our system.

Standard - the default applied VAT rate in a country, e.g. 19% in Germany, 20% in the UK, etc.

Reduced 1 - the VAT rate usually applied to a special category like food products, e.g. 7% in Germany.

Reduced 2 - some countries have a 2nd reduced VAT rate applicable to special products and services, e.g. 6% in Belgium, in the countries where is no 2nd reduced VAT rate, this means 0%.

Reduced 3 - very few countries a 3rd reduced rate like France for example, there is a 2.1% VAT rate for some pharmaceutical products and newspapers. Usually, for a country where is no 3rd reduced VAT rate, this means 0%.

Zero - the parking rate is a transition VAT rate between 12% and the country's standard rate. This rate is meant for goods and services that didn't fall into any category when regulations change. Only Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal still have the parking rates in use.

You can download the file with all the vat rates that we have in the software here.