When you register for VAT in Germany you will receive 2 certificates, the VAT ID certificate and the TAX ID certificate. You must pay your German VAT to the bank account stated on the TAX ID certificate.

How to identify the VAT-ID certificate:

  • it contains the word Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer
  • it contains the VAT ID number which starts with the letters DE

How to identify the TAX ID certificate:

  • it contains the regional tax office you belong to
  • it contains the word Steuernummer
  • it contains the TAX ID number in the format: XXX/XXXX/XXXX

On this TAX ID certificate, on the footer, you will find the bank account where you must pay the VAT:

  • it contains the name of the bank, the IBAN number, and the BIC number
  • when you make the payment you must state your TAX ID number(Steuernummer)