There are 3 types of VAT in our system:

  • Standard VAT
  • Reduced VAT
  • Zero Rate

The types of VAT refer directly to the VAT rates. The standard VAT rate is most used VAT rate in the E.U. countries and has a general applicability to goods and services, e.g. 19% in Germany, 20% in UK etc.

The reduced VAT is the VAT rate which applies only to certain goods and services, e.g. 7% in Germany for food supplies.

You are responsible for your Products VAT rates. You can find all the EU VAT rates here.

If you want to change the VAT rate or to add a new VAT rate go to products and click on a product.

An additional menu will open and here you can change your VAT rate or add a new one for a different country. By default, the VAT rate of the products is set to Standard.