We create 3 different reports required for filing your VAT. These reports are required by law in different EU countries. These reports are not mandatory in all the countries, e.g. SAF-T is a country-specific report.

We import your data from your Amazon account directly and based on this data we create our reports. We take the data Amazon supplies us as true. We do not assume any responsibility if inaccuracies are reported by Amazon, although we will do our best to detect these during our Quality Checks.

The VAT report – this report is the one that summarizes a company’s VAT-eligible transactions over a specified accounting period. All your sales containing VAT are to be found in this report. 

We are getting the total value of transactions including the VAT amount for your transactions from Amazon's own VAT reports. We do not import the VAT amount directly from the Amazon reports, but we calculate it based on the Gross Amount Amazon supplies us with. Amazon specifies in their documentation that this is the correct report to use in order to find the total value of a transaction including VAT amount from the transactions. 

But you are responsible for setting up your product's vat rates, by default they contain the standard vat rate, e.g. 19% in Germany, 20% in the UK and so on. You can read here more on how to add a product vat rate.

As the tax authorities use the same VAT report as we do, we take the reported Amounts by Amazon as true.

The EC report – The EC reports or EC sales list is a supplementary report that provides details of transfers of goods and services to other VAT registered companies in the EU. Both companies, buyer and seller, must be registered in the VIES in order to be eligible for the EC declaration. The EC reports are helping tax offices minimize the risk of fraud and better observe the cross-border transactions.

It is mandatory to set up your product cost prices in order to have compliant EC reports. Read more about this.

The SAF-T report - is an international standard, defined by OECD, for the electronic exchange of accounting data from organizations to a national tax authority or external auditors. In Poland, the requirement for SAF-T reports came into place on the 1st of July 2016 for large companies and for small and medium businesses this was introduced on the 1st of July 2018. It is mandatory even for non-resident Polish VAT registered businesses and must be submitted by 25 of the month following the reporting period.