Unfortunately, right now you will have to create your Pro-forma invoices manually. Soon we will provide an automated feature.

First, you will need to log in to your app.hellotax.com account and go to the Orders menu:

Second, select your desired Order(transaction) needed for the Pro-forma invoice and click on it

A further menu will open on the right side, here you will have access to all the needed details of the transaction like DATE, DEPARTURE COUNTRY, ARRIVAL COUNTRY, GROSS AMOUNT, NET AMOUNT and VAT AMOUNT. You then have to copy these details into your desired invoicing software or use a Microsoft Word invoice template to create your Pro-forma invoice.

The only missing info is the Product itself. Your Account Manager can help you with that. Tell your account manager the TRANSACTION ID, and she/he will give you the product name involved in the transaction based on that TRANSACTION ID.